Fondis IN 50 Plus


WINE IN50+ the very best of wine cellar conditioning units for cellars up to 50m3. It is without doubt the quietest conditioning unit on the market today and also offers a 30% reduction in energy consumption compared to standard air conditioners.For underground cellars solution or when there is no outside walls available.

Fondis IN50+ user guide


The WINE IN50+ also offers the best C.O.P. performance for integrated air conditioners making it the product of choice for those serious about wine storage and preserving their wine investment.

The WINE IN50+ sits inside the cellar with two connection pipes which go to the outside of the cellar.Pipes are160mm diameter and 1m long . Possibility for extention up to a maximum of 5m. This air conditioning unit offers cooling for cellars up to 50m3 in size and helps to transform a well insulated room into a true wine cellar.

For cellar up to 50 cubic meters
Weight 52.6 kg
Dimensions H.1044 X L.500 X P.428
Temperature setting Preset to 12°C, adjustable between 8 et 15°C
Maximum outside temperature 35°C
Cooling power 1200 W à 15°C
Electric supply 230/240V-50 Hz + 3 m cable
Electric power 550 W
Heating power 500 W
Pression 900-1100hPa

-Preserves up to 5000 bottles
-Design for a perfect integration in the cellar
-Programming two speed rate motor fan
-High performance integrated display
-Accessories kit : Time saving and optimal insulation
-Easy maintenance
-Humidity control : Condensation of moisture excess and evacuation to the outside
-Anti-vibration system through elements mounted on rubber shock absorbers
-Use of ecological refrigerant gas ( R407C without CFC)